Friday, September 7, 2012

1. Describe your overall thoughts on the final piece.
i feel like it was pretty good.
2. if this was a group project, what was your contribution?

3. How successful do you feel this piece is and why?
i feel pretty successful becasue i didn't have to really draw much it was just blending.
4. What worked about this project? What didn’t work?
Blending the colors worked alot better if you drew lightly. Pushing down too hard messed it up.
5. If you were to do this project over again, what changes would you consider making?
I would try to over lay the colors more so it looked more blended.
6. What was the most difficult part about completing this piece and why?
For me the hardest part was making sure i had the light coming from the same spot on all three shapes.
7. What did you learn from this piece?
I learned to blend colors together and how to shade objects so they look like the light is hitting them.

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