Art 2

I got my idea from the theme entertainment. When i think of entertainment i think of music.I used my favorite bands (Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Bring me the Horizon, Of Mice&Men, and Memphis May Fire ) and lead singers (Vic, Kellen, Andy, Oliver, Austin and Matty.)  I wanted to put a lyric in it so i got the idea to make them like thought bubbles. The back ground i used my brothers old music sheets.

My art work focuses on people who have lower self esteem or have depression or anxiety have self harmed or have eating disorders. I picked each lyric around these issues. "your just wasted and thinking about the past again darling you'll be okay" is saying that your past isn't what defines you and its not worth ending your life over. "nobody's gonna feel your pain when all is done and its time for you to walk away"  is saying that nobody's gonna be there for you in the end of it all you need to learn to love yourself first. "Fight for all you know when your backs against the wall stand against the liars stronger than before" is saying that stand for what you believe even if no one else stands with you. "have you ever taken a blade to your wrist? have you been skipping meals? we're gonna try something new today" is saying that if you have self harmed or skipped meals were gonna try to eat today were gonna not hurt our self today. "i cut cannot heal unless you leave it alone i open mine daily leaving only bones exposed" is saying that you cant keep messing with your cuts or scars it will make them worse. "God give me the strength to do all that you created me to do" mean that even when things get hard god is there for you and that he made you for a reason. This piece shows what music i like to listen to and shows that i believe in people getting help.

While i was working on the project i had told my table i wanted to make the thought bubbles but i didnt know what to make them out of. Hannah told me to test the paint on tissue paper before putting it on. I tryed it with the first lyric and loved it. I also had my friend Courtney help me pick what lyrics to use because she also loves these bands and there were some i couldn't decide on.

 The theme for this project was sticky situation and we had to use repetition. I chose an ice cream cone because when they drip they get everywhere and make things sticky. I didn't really use anything for inspiration. I just made my list of 20 things and liked this idea a lot. For the repetition I showed that in the flavors, mint, strawberry, mint. Its also there in the dripping of the ice cream.
In this project we used paint. This is a familiar material. In art one last year we were thought to mix colors. This year how ever in art2 I need more specific colors for the cone and ice cream. Get the colors just right wasn't easy.
I didn't really look at my art work until after I was done. Fir my ideas in how it would all work I sketched the drawing in my sketch book and labeled colors for everything. Looking at my painting now I wish I used more texture on the ice cream.

For this project i used my own photos to get ideas. I didnt really need inspiration after i made The list i knew i had photos i wanted to use.
This i did try something i wasnt sure about. I was planning on doi.g a track instead because im not every good a drawing faces. I chose to use chalk pastel over color pencils because the smoke looked better in chalk.

I analyzed after doing the face and the smoke. Then at the end.  I did not consider how the ideas would work before trying them. I wish i changed my photo when drawing it. I think it would have been better with a background rather then the labtop.


  I really liked the can drawing and candy. The color pencil (lollypop) was hard because with color pencils was hard to over lap any colors and easy to shade. The oil pastels (soda can) were nice but i had a harder time blending the colors together with each other. chalk pastels(candy) were really nice to work with and easy to blend together. I will be using chalk pastels on my final project.

Scientific and Contrast Drawing

1.       What where some of your design solutions to the theme Scientific?
Some of my other ideas for this theme were the human skeleton with the parts not attached and scattered around. I had the idea of circuit board up close. 

2.      How beneficial were the mini lessons in the success of your project. If they were not beneficial please explain as well. 
The mini lessons were very helpful. I did miss the day we worked with pencil and that's what i did for my project. I did learn a lot about charcoal and pen. 
3.      How did you show contrast in your work?
In my drawing i showed contrast by shading my heart dark on the outside and light on the inside to make the back look farther away. Also I made around the vein dark so the vains would pop out.
4.      What medium did you decide to use? Why did you choose this medium over the others?
I used pencil for my project. I felt like with charcoal I would make it to dark and didn't feel it was a good fit for me. I did really like pen but didn't feel like i was good at it. 
5.      What techniques did you use to create this work?
For my technique I did shading for the whole thing.  
6.      We encourage risk taking in art. Risk taking can be as simple as trying a new technique or learning about a new medium to as complex as trying something totally new.  Did you take any risks with this project? 
I feel that doing the one medium i didnt practice was a risk but also i feel i didn't because i didnt try to use one i thought would be tough for me. 

  7.      Discuss your overall experience with this project.
I really liked this project. It was a lot different from last year. I liked being able to have more freedom with the project. I think maybe a little more work with the mediums would be helpful though. 

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