Art 2 Final Portflio

1. My most successful project was the mixed media project. For this project we had different themes we could choose from. I picked entertainment for mine, and did it around music. Mixed Media meant we could use any materials. I used music sheets, pictures, tissue paper and paint. I think it was the most successful because it meant the most to me. I tried to make all the band members look like they were singing next to each other to make the composition look right. Then had there song lyrics in thought bubbles made out of tissue paper and paint. The lyrics content is focused to people who have self harmed, have eating disorders depression or anxiety. It means alot because I had dealt with some of the above issues. I also feel it turned out the best because i dont feel a strong in painting and drawing. With this project i could have more fun putting a collage together that looks like one photo.

<--(real photo)2. I think my least successful was the up close and personal theme. For this project I used my own photo i took of my boyfriend smoking a e-cig. I liked how the project looked at the start. When i added the labtop the  smoke was being blown on to i didn't like how it turned out. There wasn't a foreground with the labtop  so its hard to tell what it is. To make it better i would have made a foreground so you could see the point of view and blend the colors in the labtop better. I would also put more texture in his face so it would look more 3D rather than 2D. The face i could also put more value in.

3. For this question were supposed to pick two piece that show growth. Due to the snow we didn't get to do very many projects so I picked a shading project from art one last year and my Pencil drawing this year. I picked these two because both were in pencil and shading. I feel i grew in application of materials because last year i used a normal pencil that made getting the shades harder this year i had shading pencils and they blended easier. In artistic vision because last year we traced the out lines  and where the shades change onto tracing paper then to our sketch books, this year we drew from looking at photos. Creativity because the portrait was picked who we did, this year we were giving the theme scientific and listed things that came to mind. I came up with the heart because scientist study the human body and the heart is an organ in it.

4.My first mini lesson i thought was most beneficial was the candy. We did this with chalk pastel while looking at the candy in the wrapper. This helped a lot with blending the colors together. I feel the instruction for this lesson was really good. I really liked the Videos Mrs. Rossi made with all the techniques seeing her do it made it easier to see what i was doing. The other mini lesson that was beneficial was the paper bag. I don't have a photo of this one but it was one of the hardest for me. It was hard for me to look at the bag and shade it so all the wrinkles were in it and so it showed volume. It was helpful though because it pushed me to try and do things i didnt think i could do.

5.My favorite medium was plaster. I love getting to molded it together. I would have used it for my big project but my partner couldn't because he was in a cast. I made a a turtle for the mini lesson. I used wire and new paper the make the shell. Then added the legs and head. I really like sculpting because its 3d. The only problem with the plaster was it gets very messy.

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