Thursday, November 29, 2012

1. Describe the process you went through to change your object into the correct perspective to create the drawing. This is when you were in the lab.
We had to use photoshop. Then we uploaded our photos. Then we used transform to make it look longer then it really was.

2. How did distorting and stretching the object allow for you to create a drawing that would look different to the viewer?
So when we drew it it would seem longer and wider at the top twhen look straight at it. but if you change your perspective  it would look normal.

3. What were the most important concepts in the project to make it successful
it was important to draw your grid the same on your drawing paper and on your picture. it was also important to use the colored pencils to show the value. Also to have a shadow so it looks like its standing on the paper.

1. Explain how you changed your photo in the lab to create a stencil.
We first found out photos. then we saved them to our computer. the we went to Photoshop.  Then we went to threshold and used that to make the black and white. we got the contrast how we wanted in and printed it.

2. When creating the collage background explain your choices of colors, materials (magazine paper, books pages, etc), and placement. How does it relate to your topic? If no relation discuss general idea.
My news papers were kinda random in my collage. I was looking for stuff with color because this statue
 is by Atlantic City in New Jersey. Then i  used spray paint on the background to add more color.
3. Discuss the way positive and negative space was used to create your stencil.
The positve and negative space was used as a guide of what to cut. you could cut the postive or the negative on the stencil. what ever you cut would be what was black on the paper

4. When using the xacto knife, explain the safety procedures, how to use the knife and any challenges you had to overcome while cutting.
The xacto knife was used to cut the stencil. You have to make sure you were cutting away from yourself.  You also had to make sure you were holding in correctly so you dont cut yourself.

5. How was your experience with the spray paint? Discuss how color choice is important, placement of stencil, and any other concepts you noticed while creating this. 
Spray paint was fun. you had to find a good color to make sure your picture turned out good. Some colors were to light to do for the stencil but good for the background. also it looked best if your stencil is centered.